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Jacqueline Dalais, the restaurant’s Chef

In the small entourage of the Mauritian Cuisine, Jacqueline Dalais is a star.

Caretaker of a three generation tradition, the Great Lady of the Mauritian gastronomy represents the crossing and combination of he island’s different cultures.
Jacqueline Dalais captures the influences of different continents. Her cooking is simple, innovative and plural. She is the author of the best culinary accomplishments in the last 30 years.

restaurantHer passion hasn’t changed, neither has her business instinct. A portrait of a great woman in which history combines well with the Mauritius tourism industry.

Heir of a great culinary tradition which she knows how to keep alive, Jacqueline Dalais invented a inimitable style.This legacy is simply inestimable. Congratulations Madame!

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